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Who We Are

We cater to hospitals and other healthcare facilities that need additional staff in their team. Work Wise Staffing and Consulting provides convenient, fast healthcare staffing solutions in Los Angeles, California.

We have a variety of healthcare professionals ready to take on any challenge and help your facility. They have exceptional skills in keeping patients happy and comfortable and assisting doctors and other physicians. With our excellent pool of professionals, you don’t have to worry about running out of staff again.

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Our Mission Statement

Our mission at Work Wise Staffing and Consulting is to help you amplify your operations through exceptional staffing and consulting solutions. We strive to eradicate medical staffing crises to ensure quality performance in all healthcare facilities.

Our Vision Statement

Our vision at Work Wise Staffing and Consulting is to widen our reach and help more healthcare facilities. We aim to expand the services we provide to maximize client satisfaction.


  • Authenticity

    We are genuine in our efforts and strive to help clients and candidates reach their goals.
  • Community

    We respect everyone and strive to make a positive impact in every community we serve.
  • Innovation

    Finding new methods to achieve long lasting solutions.
  • Excellence

    We aim to go above and beyond for our clients and candidates to provide for their needs.

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Whether you are looking for the right staff for your facility or searching for a career in the healthcare industry, Work Wise Staffing and Consulting is here for you. Contact us today!